Légende rubrique Design

The Moghadam Gallery lets you exchange your carpet for 100% of its cost for 5 years !

The purchase of a fine carpet is a matter of absolute trust, and we have enjoyed the trust of our clients for over forty years. In 2004, we were granted the title of offical suppliers to S.A.S. The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, a supreme pledge of trust.

The certificate of authenticity which we give out with each carpet is like its passport. In it we certify the carpet's origins and other important aspects which will be relevant to its insurance or exchange.

A carpet exists to decorate and give pleasure to its owner but it is also an investment. This is why we at Moghadam view your purchase as an account credited with the sum you paid. This account gives you the possibility to use this sum for 5 years as a right of exchange against any other carpet.

This guarantee is unique in its kind and grants you the confidence of a safe purchase in the knowledge that if you choose to change your house or its decoration you can do so without compromising your investment.