Commentaire  illustration Français

The legend of the oriental carpet has survived for centuries, travelling far and wide. Whether practical or decorative, simple or richly crafted, it remains part of the soul of a home and the expression of a certain "art de vivre".


Every carpet tells a story with its own language and grammar. This poem reveals itself in different and sometimes surprising ways. The painter Delacroix famously wrote: "the most beautiful paintings I have seen were in Persian carpets".
My passion for the Oriental carpet and more specifically, the Persian carpet has held me captive since early childhood. It has never left me and I had the great fortune to present its most beautiful specimens throughout the whole world. I have been trusted by the greatest names to open their homes to this mysterious and quite wonderful world that is the Oriental carpet. What you discover there will be unique and fascinating.
I can't wait to discover what your world will become...

Alexander Moghadam