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Size is an important factor in the estimation of a handmade carpet. Handmade carpets come in different shapes and sizes.

As a general rule, the size of a carpet you choose will depend on the size of the room that you plan to place it in. Carpets are not designed to cover entire floorspaces. Like paintings, carpets are works of art and should be framed to underline their beauty. By allowing 30 to 80cm of floorspace between the carpet and the walls, a perfect natural frame can be created. Our decoration team are at your disposition to guide you in making the right choice for the size and proportion needed to create a perfect harmony.

Rectangular carpets are common the world over and are available in a great variety of sizes. Consequently, standard sizes have emerged and been assigned to rectangular carpets to enable a smoother selection process (for example: 3x4m). However, these standard sizes are not exact sizes.In the carpet industry, carpets that measure 2.30m by 3.40m are considered 2 by 3.

Pathways or passages
Pathways or passages are the second most common type of carpet. They are rectangular, long and narrow. Most stick to the measurement 70cm-100cm wide by 2 to 5m long, or in some cases even longer. They are used for passages, hallways or staircases. The Moghadam Gallery has a large selection of rare, outsize carpets of this type.

Round carpets are unique and rare. They are mainly woven in the towns of Tabriz, Ghom, Ishfahan and Nain. The width, length and diameter of these carpets are identical to one another (for example: 2.50m x 2.50m). We have a very large selection of round, oval and octogonal carpets which can be made to order from the Gallery.

Square carpets are also very unique and rare. Their width and length are equal. Consequently, when looking for a square carpet, look for sizes such as 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m and so on. A square carpet gives a room a unique character and creates a very structured ambiance.

We specialise in "outsized" carpets, carpets of unusually large sizes. These carpets may measure 8m x 10m or more and we have a selection of over 100 pieces, both ancient and contemporary, wool or silk. These carpets are designed to decorate the most prestigious rooms in the world!