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Our Restoration Atelier, sitting in the heart of Monte-Carlo, has become a symbol of Moghadam, since this type of service has become rare. We maintain our atelier with pride to continue to serve and satisfy the most challenging requests.

Carpets are those rare works of art that combine beauty with practicality. They can suffer at the hands of premature wear and tear affected by weather or unfavourable conditions. We can restore any damage and most especially:
- worn fringes
- worn edges
- water damage (discoloration)
- damaged areas
- reweaving moth-eaten areas

Our Iranian master restorers are each qualified and high-level professionals who know how to restore a fine carpet, whilst preserving its character and its soul. The wool and silk are dyed to carefully match the original colour, any new knots are made using the existing base so that they blend thoroughly into the ensemble.